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Product Launch

Build and Launch with Calus’s End to End Product Solution 

Calus  provides you with everything you need to launch your product in the market in under 20 Days. You’ll get manufacturing-ready hardware products, Device Control Panel and web dashboards  All customized to your own brand.

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Our customization services to grow your brand.

Calus OEM

Customize your product features and hardware design.
Calus OEM
Customize Mobile application and Device Panel.
Customize Voice skill and Cloud dashboard.

Customization Process

Calus OEM
Calus OEM
Calus OEM
Calus OEM
Calus OEM
Calus OEM
Calus OEM


Brain Storming

Hardware Design

App Design

Cloud Design

Product Review


Ready Made

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Pick from various products suitable for Home, Hotels, Businesses. High quality products at affordable prices.

Calus Spell +


Calus Spell

Calus provides seamless integrations with major voice assistants and Industry Standards